Art by Kev Walker. Courtesy of WotC.

Discord channels

There are two Magic the Gathering Goblin enthusiasts discord channels. One is for Legacy Goblins and the other for all the rest formats, from Modern, Pioneer, Historic to Pauper and EDH. Both channels are very active and welcoming to new players. Because the invites to those channels expire, please write me on Twitter or Discord (treachtv) and I’ll provide you with the link.

Goblin deck lists

A link to the lists of published Goblin decks at various tournaments and the following formats:

There are many other outlets with decklists, but both MTGTop8 and MTGGoldfish cover most of the notable tournaments.

Modern Goblin in-depth guide by Ganjadejanga

An avid and a successful player Ganjadejanga shared his knowledge in a primer about Modern Goblins, published on It covers a lot of the aspects, which makes it evergreen as long as the Modern Goblin deck stays similar.

Why Goblins is a Criminally Underplayed Modern MTG Deck: Aspiringspike

A well known streamer and Pro Tour player Aspiringspike has his take on Modern Goblin deck, which he deems underplayed. One can read his primer here.

GoblinLackey1 patreon

A premier Legacy Goblin player, GoblinLackey1 has his own patreon, where he offers sideboard guides and video content regarding Legacy (and occasionally Modern) Goblin decks.

Reddit: Goblins in all formats

A subreddit dedicated to Goblins. Should be in repertoire of every Goblin enthusiast.

Facebook: Goblin groups

For all the boomers like me, Facebook has two Goblin related groups with discussions:

Vial Goblins on MTG The Source

As time goes, discussion about Legacy Goblin decks was shifted to Discord, but all the past conversations are still available on the OG Legacy forum The Source. Albeit outdated, the primer should be checked by anyone who wants to dive into Legacy with the Goblins.

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