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Goblins Win is a hobby project, an aggregate of content about Goblins in Magic the Gathering. A place where one can find the newest cards, articles and links to content by various creators and players. The mission is to become a place where one looks for the newest info on Goblins in Magic the Gathering.

From casual EDH players to the most competitive, die-hard Goblin fans, there’s something for all that wish to keep an eye out for the content that might interest you.


About the author

Thank you for visiting my project’s webpage, Goblins Win. My name is Tomo and I go by the nickname “treach”, which comes from the Magic the Gathering card Treachery. It was one of the first strong and valuable cards I opened in a booster when I started to play MTG. It was a time when I was not only a newbie, but also young.

I started this webpage because I like writing and journalism, but only as a hobby blogger. I also follow esports and am a co-owner and manager at professional esports team Diamant Esports. I was thinking about starting a personal blog to write about things that I love and follow, like esports, Magic the Gathering, mountaineering and trains, but realized it would be all over the place. Also, Goblins and its community is where my passion is.

I’ve had some decent success on local and regional Modern tournaments playing various decks, but it all started with Goblins. To this day, I have an up-to-date Modern and Legacy Goblin decks as well as a few EDH piles to grab when meeting with friends to play a round or two. My days of traveling to tournaments and competing are on hold, but I still find some time to attend bigger events in my vicinity to keep in touch with competitive MTG.




If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so by writing an email to treachtv [at] gmail.com. You can also send a message on twitter or discord (treachtv). I’m very much open for any collaboration and publishing other peoples content, so everyone is welcome to contribute.


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